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Member Organizations

 Our member organizations not only provide medical services but also embrace the values of reproductive justice, inclusion, and cultural competence. They establish inclusive environments that foster respect and support for individuals and couples from all backgrounds. They promote diversity and cater to the specific needs of individuals by providing information in many languages and adapting care to accord with cultural values. In addition, they acknowledge the wider concerns related to reproductive justice, fighting for fair and equal availability of reproductive healthcare and tackling structural obstacles that unfairly impact underprivileged populations.

Member Impact

RHA member organizations annually:

  • Provide preventive reproductive health care to over:
    • 25,000 teens and young adults under the age of 18
    • 150,000 individuals ages 19-26
  • Serve a patient population that is over 50% uninsured, and nearly 85% low-income
  • Enroll tens of thousands of individuals in the Minnesota Family Planning Program
  • Provide evidence-based health education to thousands of teens and at-risk young adults in corrections, shelters, and alternative learning centers
  • Save the state and taxpayers an estimated $7 per dollar spent

Member Organization